Wednesday, September 15, 2021

How Do We Get So Lucky?

Here we are again with another person in a position of responsibility be investigated by the State Police on improprieties related to taxpayer money.  Couple that with the fact that this person is also a "NO" vote on a new high school in an elected position and you wonder how we could get so lucky.

First, is it really alright for a County employee to also be an elected official?  It might be legal, but is it ethical.  Now he's accused of embezzlement.  Should he ever have been in a position to touch money in any way?  Not to me.

Next is how does an animal control officer steal money and no one notice?  Who's in charge of this guy? Are there no checks and balances?  This isn't the first time there has been funny things going on with money in the sheriff's department.

He's resigned from the school board and placed on administrative leave.  Now we need the investigation to follow the trail back to how this happened and who else should be investigated.

Go South Boston!

South Boston, under the leadership of Tom Raab, has moved mountains in the past few years.  Now we need some progressive movement on a few other issues to make South Boston a wonderful destination.

We have a brewpub now and a number of wonderful new retail businesses on the main streets, but we need more life downtown.  We need the John Randolph Hotel project get completed, so a few investors with some old money could have the boutique hotel open in a couple of years.

We need one or two fine dining restaurants in the town.  We need the rest of Riverdale cleaned up and turned into a greenway.  We need two way traffic on Main St and Broad Street, with traffic circles at each end of town.

South Boston could be the next destination for tourist when all the storefronts sitting empty are filled with small businesses.  Just look at places like Culpeper, Bedford, Strasburg, Winchester, and other towns that have used economic development to fill empty storefronts with vibrant new boutique shops.  We already have a good start.  Now we need to bring more.  

Property owners, it's time to support business growth in the Town by actively pursuing businesses to move in to your empty space.  Sadly derelict buildings like the closed Peroni's, and empty spaces like the renovated old Rose's 5 and Dime give travelers the feeling that we are dying, not growing.

Who knows?  Beautiful Halifax County and South Boston could become the hottest place in Southern Virginia.

Go South Boston!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

A Sad Day for Women in Texas and in America!

From the moment the Trumplican party took office in 2016, the writing was on the wall, but many would have never believed that the U S Supreme Court would abandon the settled law of Roe v Wade and allow the state a state to end run the law to remove the right of women and put them in the hands of citizen vigilantes that can now carry guns without a permit.

Sadly, the "my body - my choice" attitude only applies to men and their freedoms.  I fear that Roe v Wade is dead and that in unacceptable in the 21st century.  Our only hope may lie in some legal action that will requires the SCOTUS to actually have hearing and testimony and take an up or down vote.  Currently, they are hiding with unsigned opinions in the middle of the night.  So much for a Supreme Court that actually puts partisan politics aside and lives up the quote over the doors of the their building that says "equal rights under law".

Texas, over the past 6 months, has turned back time to an era that we all thought was over.  The de facto dictator leading the state and his Republican cronies have taken away voting rights, equal rights for minorities and women, and turned control of the state to the same angry white conservatives that are killing its own citizens by refusing to allow mask mandates to stop the spread of Covid-19.

As an American, I find the actions of Texas and the Supreme Court appalling and disturbing.  Are we headed down the road that leads us to a modern civil war?  With the SCOTUS loaded with "originalists" that want to live under the rigid interpretation of the Constitution as it was written and signed in 1787, how can be join the rest of the world and change to meet these challenging times?

Have we not moved on at all?  

Another Big Lie!

That's what Dan Shaw, the local version of Steve Bannon, is saying in today's Gazette-Virginian letter to the Editor.  The only big lie is that this paper continues to violate it's own policy and prints letter after letter from the one person who should never have a platform to spread his "Big Lies".

Of course, Shaw is an expert on everything, as we all know from the chronic diarrhea of the mouth that the G-V so readily prints.  This weeks useless words are spreading more lies than Fox News anchors about the vaccine.  

To say that the vaccine doesn't work is a lie.

To say there is a medication to treat Covid-19 is a lie, well there is one approved by the FDA.

To say that there is push to get people vaccinated to save their lives is not really a big lie.  That's the truth, but Shaw says it's a sales job and fear mongering.    

I'm glad Shaw had a clown join him today, a clown named Schultz that failed at his attempt at humor.  It seems that the Shaw and Schultz Circus is the only "Big Lie" show in town.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Thank God for the News and Record!

I so appreciate the real news and local support provided by the News and Record newspaper.  They provide positive and factual news about our beautiful county.  It is a strong independent voice standing up for the values of the community.

90% of the time, the story "above the fold" in the News & Record is positive.  Many time, all of the stories are positive with the only negative ones being the unavoidable tragedies that befall every community. 

I cannot say that about the Gazette-Virginian.  Their "above the fold" stories are either negative or are aimed at the conservative right.  In fact, often the positive stories on the front page of the News & Record are relegated to page 3 or 4 of the Gazette-Virginian, or not in the paper at all.

I particularly enjoy the fairness and journalistic excellence of the News & Record and the editorial commentary that is almost always spot on, though not what many conservatives want to hear.  I certainly hope that the independent views of Tom McLaughlin never stop.  We need a voice of reality and if you read his editorial and then look at the Gazette-Virginian, it almost like we live in different places.  Most of the G-V editorials are regurgitated conservative syndicated columnists rather than being a local voice, or the mumbling of Frank Ruff complaining about the Democrats.

Thank you for all the work, News & Record!

Monday, August 30, 2021

Elections and The Elected

I'm no political scientist, political expert, nor even a political junky.  I'm just an observer that reads the tea leaves in this cup called America, and I see a future riddled with division and incivility unless there is a Democratic win in the mid-term elections.

The tea leaves are telling my that the status quo cannot continue.  Extremes from both sides must be removed by empowered voters.  Money and the influence of money must be removed from politics.

It must again become "We the People".  We must have new life and new faces in politics.

James Madison said, "The essence of government is power, and power, lodged as it must in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."  This quote is on the wall of the Madison building of The Library of Congress.

The some of human hands wielding the power in Halifax, Richmond, and Washington are abusing that power, in some cases by action and in some cases, like our local Supervisors, by inaction.

Too few people are involved in politics and in many cases too few care about the outcome of elections.  Many voters think their votes don't count because politicians don't listen.  Well, it's true that most politicians don't listen.  I've spoken to enough of them to know.  But elected officials will listen when their election or reelection is threatened.

So this year its' time to vote the local ones out!  Then we prepare to do the same in 2022.

Every year, many politicians run unopposed.  This too is wrong.  No politician should be so smug, be thought to powerful, that no one will run against them.

Local Supervisors will tell you they are not politicians.  Wrong!  If one runs for elected office, they become a politician by default.  They can disavow it all they want, but they make political decisions and impose political power over their constituents, including the one that didn't vote for them.

Truly, many elected officials forget that they represent ALL of the people in their district or state, not just the majority, sometimes razor thin, that put them in office.

I'll have a lot more to say about the mid-term elections as the weeks roll on, but 2022 will be a watershed election, changing the political landscape for many years, and I believe it will be for the better.

"The Time Has Come!"

I created my blog years ago and have sat waiting to "kick it off" when the time was right.  Well, the time has come.  There are too many things wrong in our county, our State and our country.  Too many people giving and getting bad information.  It's time to put that right.  

Over the coming weeks and months, I will set some of the records straight, share some reality as opposed to false facts, and use this blog to put forth my view of what needs to change, what needs to be done, and what needs to stop in my home county.

There are many living in a dream world and spouting bad and misleading information.  My views will be shared as a vehicle to provoke thought, poke people when needed, and share my views of what needs to happen in order for Halifax County, Virginia and our state and country to survive and thrive.

Now, sit back and enjoy!